Afternoon Care

We offer your child quality care in the afternoon.  

Our school building has a modern kitchen and a friendly refectory. Dinner is included as part of afternoon care. The  meal includes a soup, a main course and a dessert. Your child hast he choice between 2 meals, there is  always a vegetarian option. On our website we will inform you in advance about the menus.

Our school's large garden, the terrace and the playground offer the chance to spend time in the fresh air in good weather. If the weather is bad, the gym, the video room,  and the classrooms' play corners provide space for relaxation.

In addition, afternoon learning assistance for your child is a significant part of our work. Our afternoon colleagues are qualified educators. They counsel your child on their studies, setting individual targets to promote achievement. Since learning under pressure is known to have little success, we do our best to create a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere, in which learning is a pleasurable activity.

Our educational objective is to apply an up-to-date educational approach founded on Christian social teaching. Therefore, we do our best not only to promote your child's intellectual capacities, but also to establish their social competence while their personality is forming. This quality is bound to be one of the most important preconditions for leading a successful life in future Europe.

Our group leaders tailor extra-curricular activities according to the children's individual and personal needs. They also plan plenty of time for games and relaxation. We continuously try to offer other types of activities, e.g. circus and theatre visits, short trips, and ones which develop your child's manual skills and creativity, eventually enabling them to produce their own pieces of work. Our school's library and Internet access make independent and individual learning possible.

We are looking forward to working with your child.