Our Foundation

A fund for the maintenance of the Europe School was set up by the Brothers of Christian Schools. The management of the foundation is conducted by the Board, headed by Mag. Kurt Langthaler. A supervisory council monitors the activity of the foundation. The foundation is a "non-profit" organization, which means that all income funds the school. This is why the Board sets the parents` contribution on an annual basis. A further responsibility of the foundation is the maintenance of the school, including the upkeep of the building and the premises; the purchase of  necessary teaching and operational resources; the expenses of  management; the employment of Hungarian teachers, (the Austrian teachers are recruited and paid from Austria); and the employment of the afternoon care team and the technical and administrative staff. The foundation ensures that families in need can be supported.

The Board

The foundation is managed by the Board:

Mag. Kurt Langthaler, President assisted by

Br. Johann Gassner  (Head of the Province of the Brothers of Christian Schools)
Mr Dr. Werner Jisa
Mag. Astrid Lukasser (BMBF)
Walter Kröner (Financial Director, Order of the Brothers of Christian Schools)
Alfred Brychta, Representative of the Governing Body
Evelin Stanzer,  Director of  the school

The foundation's activities are monitored by the supervisory council:

Br. Paul Kaiser  (Order of the Brothers of Christian Schools)
Dr. Andrea Csiby
Marlies Lászlóné Wilhelm

All: H-1126 Budapest, Istenhegyi út 32