Our Mission Statement

We are an intercultural, bilingual private school (4 years of primary, 4 years of elementary schools), run by the "Foundation of the Austrian-Hungarian Europe School. We have a close association with the Catholic Order of the Brothers of Christian Schools, which is active worldwide.

A European School

While our educational activity is conducted with a sense of Christian responsibility, we are open to other religions as well. Our work is based on the values of a free and united Europe. Our main focuses are an openness towards the world, a democratic attitude and an interest in communication and intercultural activities, while retaining a special respect for national uniqueness. Accordingly, it goes without saying that ideological indoctrination form no part of what we do.

A school for the heart, the hand and the brain: here, it is the child who is in the highest priority.

We place special emphasis on the education of the whole person. Besides the acquisition of intellectual skills and knowledge, it is important to develop both, a well-rounded personality and to attain basic social skills. Here are a few examples of the skills and quailties that we seek to develop: communication skills, team spirit, intercultural understanding and tolerance, creativity, a sense of criticism, flexibility, decision-making skills, problem solving and conflict management, evaluation, willingness to learn and deliver, initiative, reliability, stamina, helpfulness, integrity and empathy.

A good teacher-pupil-parent relationship provides support for our educational success, together with active school partnerships. We offer afternoon-care, including a range of attractive free time activities alongside high standard afternoon learning assistance.

Fit for Europe

We are part of the Austrian school campus in Budapestwhich goes from kindergarten up to the school-leaving exam, providing an equal grounding in Hungarian and German. Our bilingual certificates are accepted and valid in both states, as well as all over Europe.

Our school requests and demands a high level of achievement. Nevertheless, we ensure the best conditions for individual learning by increasing motivation and personal progress and  by transferring part of the responsibility for learning onto the learners themselves (according to the principles of autonomous learning).

Our educational goals and the quality of our teaching are in line with the standards of Austrian and Hungarian elementary and secondary schools.

Language teaching (in Hungarian, German, English and Spanish) is one of our main focuses. In co-operation with the Austria Institute (ÖI), we offer our students the opportunity to take the internationally recognised "ÖSD“ (level B2 or C1).

The successful completion of grade 8 in our school will enable our students to continue their  education in any Hungarian or Austrian secondary school, including the Austrian Secondary School (Osztrák Gimnazium) Budapest.

A school for meeting others, actively and with an open mind and heart

Meeting others helps us to understand others. Through exchange programmes, school-partnerships, visits to Austria and elsewhere in Europe, we aim to deepen our pupils' understanding of people from different countries.

Projects and project-orientated classes motivate our pupils towards target-orientated performance whereby they attain not only knowledge of the subject, but also skills that will help them successfully and independently manage their own lives.

We gladly present ourselves with international challenges. While participating in international projects and competitions, our children can test and prove their knowledge and skills.

We cherish contact and work with institutions outside the school, e.g. cultural centres, the Austria Institute, universities, and European institutions in Austria and Hungary.