School's Aims and Objectives

What is our school philosophy?

Our mission statement puts the child`s needs first. We offer a well-rounded education, caring for each child as an individual. We are very much a 'family' school and we strive to provide an environment in which children feel happy and secure. We enjoy an active and effective partnership with our parents.

Our aim is to provide a modern education and to ensure high standards. We try to provide our pupils with everything they need for the future, both intellectually and emotionally. Our goal is to enable our students to live productive and happy lives.

We frequently cooperate with scientists and experts in the field of child educational development and neurosciences. We incorporate this research into our curriculum and into our teaching methods. We believe allround growth requires an allround education. With this in mind, we ensure that all pupils are able to benefit from learning outside the classroom. We offer many such opportunities ranging from trips abroad to local environmental and community based projects.

Our approach to teaching is different than it was a generation ago. We strike an effective balance between teacher-led classes, group activities and individual work. Collaborative learning is encouraged.

German is the working language in most subjects, except Hungarian grammar and literature, Hungarian history, religious education, PE and English (from the 5th grade onwards). In Hungarian,  pupils follow the National curriculum  which guarantees essential literacy and numeracy skills. (Children who do do not speak Hungarian yet will learn Hungarian as a foreign language.) Spanish is offered as an optional language from the 5th grade onwards.

We are very fortunate to boast a caring and talented teaching staff. 

Evelin Stanzer, MSc.
and the teachers of the Europe School