How to Apply?

Hello! We are pleased to meet you!

Hi kids! If you are at least 6 years old, mature enough for school, and would like to grow up to be someone, you can learn German, English and Hungarian at a high level. Sounds good, doesn't it? (Actually, it isn't too late to come to our school if you're over 6: if you can speak a little German, you can also join our school at a later age – we'll help you.) In today's world, we all have to speak at least three languages to be able to have a professional career. Who could teach you better German than native speakers from Austria?

The interview:

So that both you and we know that the Europe School is the one for you, you need to come in and to talk to us and find out more. Just take your parents by the hand and bring them to our school. While we have a little chat, where you get to talk to our experienced teachers and psychologists and play a few games as well, we will try to find out whether the demands of a bilingual school are right for you (and your parents!). We try to be rather on the cautious side in our judgement, since the most important thing, of course, is what is best for you!

We know how hard it can be for a parent when their child starts school and we try to make this transitional period as easy as possible.

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