The School

Briefly: The Austrian-Hungarian European School is a friendly, child-centred, modern, quality school.

Our school is for children aged  6 to 14. It is part of the international Austrian school system and part of the Austrian school campus in Budapest. This campus consists of kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school.

Our school system provides a multilingual education and highly respected certification, allowing  your child to attend numerous highschools and universities in Hungary and throughout Europe.

Our school credentials (school leaving certificates) are accepted in Hungary, in the European Union (and worldwide). 

The school operates under the guidance of the Catholic Order of the Brothers of the Christian Schools  - La Salle ( Our school is part oft he international association of De La Salle schools            .

We offer a Catholic education and ask that any parents applying for a place for their children will support the Catholic character and ethos of the school.  Nevertheless, the school fully respects the beliefs of parents and children from all denominations and faith backgrounds.  Students at our school are taught respect and tolerance for others and there is provision in the religious education programme for learning about different faiths.